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How to engage our vulnerable youths during this lockdown?

This lockdown can be proven difficult, even for the best of us. However, when it comes to engaging our youths during this lockdown, it can be a whole different level. Teenagers want nothing more than to be hanging out with their friends outside and just chill outside. Teenagers tend to be more impulsive in their decision making, thus they are more reactive in having fun rather than complying with the rules. In this era, we are blessed with technology at our disposable. We have our smartphone with various social media apps and virtual classes are made possible with the likes of Zoom. We should take technology to our advantage for our engagement with the youths and also be wary of the negative consequences it can possess. Engage with the trends on social media There are just too many trends going on, especially on TikTok. The recent trend that is circulating is "Don't Rush Challenge", and we must admit, there are many funny videos on it. Trends such as this are harmless (For now, until someone gets injured), and we can simply engage our teenagers with such trends. We can talk about it - ask their opinions, their ideas, understand their thoughts. We can even join in the fun! Watch a Netflix show together When was the last time you watch a good show with your children? This will give us a chance to understand our children better. We can understand their taste of films and series, and this allows us a chance to strike a conversation with them. We are also able to monitor the types of shows that they are watching. So, get ready to Netflix and Chill. Be mindful and start listening Teenagers want to be listened to. They just want us adults to try to understand what they are going through. Adults want to impart wisdom as much as we can. Somethings we rush to early to give our advice, without listening to understand fully. Have a mindful conversation with your teens, and grow that relationship deeper with one another. Conclusion For us to build a deeper relationship with our teens, we should be mindfully trying to understand them. We should also try to on their level with technology. This will help us understand them better through their lifestyles and this will help us to create an opportunity of influence.

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