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[Day 11 Circuit Breaker] How you can remain motivated at home with "Mastery".

In the last article, we talked about having a sense of purpose. In this article, we introduced the concept of mastery. What is mastery? Mastery is to have a great skill at something or total dominance over a skill. How does being a master of a certain skill gets you motivated? When you start to be good at something, you start to enjoy the process. You will then start to be motivated to keep getting better and better to see how great you can be at that particular skill. Now, before we dive into some tools on how to achieve mastery, we will like to introduce to you the concept of "Flow". Flow is when you are in the zone of doing an activity and fully immerse into it. Have you ever do an activity and you are just enjoying yourself and your body feels good? It's like working on a puzzle and you want to complete it. For you to achieve flow, you must have the nice stretch of challenges within your limits. If the challenge is too difficult, you will be annoyed and give up. If it is too easy, you will be bored and discontinue. Thus, find an activity that you are interested in with the right amount of challenges to get better and better.

Now, we have simply summarised what flow is, we can move into some tools you can use on yourself to achieve mastery. 1) Find your strength and skills that you want to be good at You need to have the self-awareness to understand what are some of your strength that you want to work to get better. Ask yourself, what are the skill that you want to be so good, people can't take that away from you.

2) Invest in the time to work it There's a scientific number of hours that eventually make you a master of that skill. You need to clock in 10,000 hours of practising that particular skill in your life to be called a master. Start with investing 3-4 hours a day doing your specialise skill.

3) Set a challenge and goals You need to set some goals and challenges to continue being in the state of flow and motivation. Celebrate those achievements once you accomplish your goals.

4) Stray away from your comfort zone Keep in mind to not stay in your comfort zone. Comfort zone is one of the barriers of self-improvement in life. If you feel good enough to showcase your work online, go for it! If you think you can help someone with your skill asset, go for it! Keep up the progress and stay with your pace.

We hope that this gives you a new light on what mastery is. Once you have understood your purpose, and practice mastery, we will then go through the concept of autonomy in the next article.

Be safe and stay motivated!

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