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[Day 13 Circuit Breaker] Be motivated by being able to control what you want to do (Final)

If you want to be fully motivated, then you have must be to control what you want to do, who you do it with and when you want to do it. This is the concept of Autonomy. Autonomy is the need of directing your life according to what you want. Autonomy is a powerful energy of intrinsic motivation. When you have flexibility and freedom of your own choice, you will be fully motivated to continue doing the work that you do. However, what is "choice"? Every human being has this power of making choices. According to Viktor Frankl, the ability to make choices is between the stimulus and response. A stimulus is a trigger that evokes a reaction and that reaction is how we respond to that situation. However, we humans can choose before we react. So the next time we about to react to a certain situation, take a deep breath and make the right choices.

Therefore, to have autonomy, one must make the right choices and be disciplined about it. One of the deadly sins of having that freedom is procrastination. We must be careful to avoid this deadly sin in our life, especially when we are working from home. One of the best ways to avoid procrastination is time management.

How do you plan your time and schedule? The easiest way to manage our activities is by understanding the difference between what is urgent? and what is important. Do the most urgent and important thing on your list first then slowly move to the less urgent and less of importance. "Eat the frog first!"

Staying home allows us to have autonomy in our life. Finally, we can decide when to do our house chores, when to do our work and what do we want to do during our free time. Therefore, we hope you able to learn how to remain motivated with the 3 concepts of Purpose, Mastery & Autonomy. If you use the basic tools we have discussed with you, we are sure you will remain motivated. Do take care of your mental wellness and we will see you in the next article!

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