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[Circuit Breaker] How can you tackle uncertainty during this pandemic?

The extension of the circuit breaker in Singapore has caused much stress and anxiety in the lives of Singaporeans. The rest of the world are suffering the same, if not perhaps worst. One of the underlying reasons for this anxiety is uncertainty. We are unsure how will this end for us, in terms of our finance, career and even our children's progression. However, firstly, it's perfectly fine not to be okay. Below are some points that we hope you can take away to manage your anxiety better. Acceptance The first step to deal with any issue in life is accepting facts and reality. There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance. Tolerance is a defensive stance, where you feel you can't change certain facts about some situation or someone, you start tolerating that situation or that particular person. For example, when you get into an argument with your parents at home, and to maintain peace in the house, you then decide to be polite. You know you can't avoid family relationship at home, thus you start tolerating each other behaviour. Tolerance lean towards the negative mindset - You let the situation happen in your life, but you continue wishing it didn't happen. Acceptance, on the other hand, is having an open heart and moving through lives without any resistance. You can process what is going on and adapt freely to the situation. Acceptance is embracing the situation and owning it as your own. We have to accept that this pandemic is happening and it is already happening. We control our ship, and we steer it do direction that we want to go. We can't control the storms, but we can control our steer. When the storm comes, we will ride on it.

Be in the present moment We can plan what is our next step after the pandemic is over, and we should plan. In addition to planning, we must practice being in the present moment. As our culture has taught us to plan for the long-term, we too must understand that constantly being in the "future" will not help us at the present moment. This is how anxiety can come in because we are always thinking and being in the future. Practice mindfulness during this circuit breaker. Observe closely the laughter of your family member, the smell of home-cooked food and live your day by day.

Let go of the external forces There are somethings that we do not have control over, and we shouldn't bear it to own shoulders. This pandemic is a great example that no country is stronger than the other, no race is more superior as we are all in this together. Covid-19 is an external force that we have no control over, and we should adapt to it with an open heart. The important part is what can you in this situation and how can you make the best out of it.

Stay United Singapore, we can ride this out together!

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