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[ Day 9 Circuit Breaker ] How you can remain motivated staying home with these 3 concepts (Part 1)

One of the deadly sins staying home is procrastination and it's up to us individually on how to remain motivated to do our work. We understand how addictive Netflix Party can be and webcamming with friends at zoom or house party. While we do encourage taking a break for yourself, but too much of it will be bad for you. Life must have balance. We will share with you 3 concepts on how you can remain motivated to do your job at home. Motivation generally revolves with Purpose, Mastery & Autonomy. In this blog post today, we will talk about solely on purpose. Do you know what's your purpose of staying home and working from home? Yes, you're right! It's to do our part as a community so that this virus can be contained. The purpose is the meaning and why we do certain things in life. We do not find the purpose to make us happy, but it is to make a difference in people life. Once we understand our purpose, we create a solid foundation for our motivation. It becomes internal. Finding purpose at your work 1) Identify your strengths and how can you contribute at home to your company or even to your family at home Write down all your strengths on a piece of paper without any limitations. Once you have it all down, then choose your top 5 strengths and just work on that. Then ask yourself, how can you apply these strengths to contribute to your life at home right now. This way, you are moving to a positive mindset.

2) Create a simple goal setting for you Identify your goals weekly and if you are up for it, do it daily as well. What do you want to achieve at the end of this week? What do you want to achieve at the end of the day? Just do something simple like I want to clean my bookshelf today or I want to connect with a stranger this week for my business.

3) Celebrate those mini-goals Once you achieve your goals, go and reward yourself. Watch that Netflix show you wanted or go order a nice meal for yourself. It's important to reward yourself and celebrate those mini victories. It will fuel you up with the next target in mind.

4) Be a mentor online or guide someone

If you are a parent, it's easier since you can educate and guide your children. If you a not married, find a friend you can help or advertise yourself in any way you can guide people out there. A legacy is one of the biggest foundations of purpose. There's no other positive feeling like helping someone.

Stay purposeful and stay healthy! We will see you in our next post about Mastery!

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