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[Day 7 Circuit Breaker] Don't do this if you are a night owl or a morning person!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Working from home will cause a major disruption to our daily routine and our body clock. However, it's also a good time to understand what is our natural body chronology. Are you a morning person or are you a night owl? To fully assess yourself, you will need to be free from your normal routine such as 8 am to 5 pm and sleep naturally without being "forced". Usually, people assess during their off days, but since you got time, why not? Understanding your natural body clock is important because it affects your mental wellness and other routines such as hunger, mood or even stress. It will also help you to plan your activities according to your energy level. For example, if you planning to do an activity that requires a lot of brainpower, you would want to plan that activity at your highest energy level.

Morning Person

Do you usually sleep early before midnight? Do you typically feel energetic early in the morning? Does your energy start to fall in the late afternoon? Are you usually very hungry in the morning? Then congratulations you are most probably a morning person! A morning person generally fit in with the typical office hour timing. Their energy level spikes up once they are awake and usually feel fresh in the morning, ready for the day. Their energy will start to gradually drop in the late afternoon and they start to feel tired. Now that you understand your energy distribution throughout the day, it's easier to plan out your activities to reach your highest efficiency. A morning person should start their day with an activity that requires a lot of brainpower. Start your day doing the heavy-duty stuff like that important proposal which needs to be submitted soon. If you are a student, do your maths homework first. If you a teacher, start designing your lesson plan. Once you reach in the late afternoon, then you should start moving to simpler activities like checking your emails or cleaning the house. It's best to do a "routine" job when your energy starts to drop. It's also great for you to kick in some exercises to gain some energy and ends the day.

Night Owl

Do you usually sleep late at night? Do you generally wake up in the afternoon? Does your energy spikes right after midnight? Congratulations, you are a night owl! You are a complete opposite of a morning person. Your energy level gradually increases once you are awake and it spikes up in the evening. A night owl needs to warm a little. So start with a "routine" activity when you are awake. Do the simple activities first like your housework or simply read a book. Schedule your difficult task in the evening, when your energy is high. This will ensure that your maximum efficiency. If you are a writer, then your timing will be best in the evening since your creativity is at its peak. If you are a student, you may prefer to study at night. What if you are on shift work?

Well, life is not always perfect. If you are schedule does not fit to your natural body clock, then you should still monitor your energy level. Generally, your energy distribution for both a morning person and a night owl. If you are a night owl working during office hours, then schedule your "routine" activities in the morning, and start doing your main work after lunch. If you are a morning person working on a night shift, then schedule your main work early. We hope with this basis of you understanding your body clock, you can plan your schedule at home accordingly. This will help you reach maximum productivity during this period. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. In the next post, we will discuss how can we sustain our motivation during this period! IG: @Thelongshotllp

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