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Day 3 of Circuit Breaker: How to break away from unproductive habits?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It's difficult, isn't it? - Trying to keep yourself productive while your bed is just calling you to chill, or when Netflix shows are just too addictive not to binge-watch Money Heist. We are all on the same boat guys! However, there's still a need for us to ensure that we remain productive during this "Circuit Breaker" period. In our last post, we talked about 5 simple positive habits to developed during our stay home period. Still, some may I asked how do I create these positive habits and get rid of the negatives ones? Well, we are here to discuss that. We, humans, are naturally creatures of habits. We are designed in such a way so that we don't have to normally think so hard to make the simple choices in life. For example, waking up and brushing your teeth - You don't have to think should I brush my teeth today? ( If you don't do it every day, I suggest you think of your life choices again Hahaha) Thus, habits are similar to your everyday routine.

Let's explore the loop cycle of how a habit is formed. The basic loop cycle is Cue-Routine-Reward. Cues are triggers that create a sense of wanting to do a certain routine. Some examples of common triggers are time, emotions or even environment. For example, you are at home at it's 3 pm and you naturally walk to the kitchen and get a sneaker bar. If you do this every day, eventually it will be a habit for you to eat a sneaker bar at 3 pm.

Routine is the activity that you choose to do. Routine is quite straightforward, and it's usually linked strongly with reward. A simple reward is satisfaction. Once you eat the sneaker bar, the sugar rush enters your bloodstream and you feel instant satisfaction. That is the reward that is going to tell your brain to keep getting it again and again. The simplest way to break a habit is by finding a new routine to satisfy your reward. Find out your triggers, substitute a routine for the same satisfaction. So instead of finding that sneaker bar, maybe you want to get an oatmeal cookie with raisins.

Take this advantage of staying home to break some of the negative habits and develop positives ones. We have 1 month at least to shed our old skins and build new ones. Usually, a habit is formed within 21-70 days, thus we have time! What are some of the habits that you want to get out of? or perhaps some addictions that you want to stop? Talk to us, and we see if we could be of any help! In the next blog, we will talk about the body chronology of sleeping patterns. Are you a morning person or a night owl? You will be aware of which time you are most productive.

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