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Benefits of playing sports at a young age

We believe that character development should start young and kids should be exposed to multi-sports to see what are their potential individual strengths.

Here are the 5 Benefits of Playing Sports at a young age (4-8 years old):

1) Being physically active and healthy

By exercising and actively playing sports, it helps kids achieve and maintain healthy body weight and is a great prevention from getting cardiovascular disease. Regular physical activity improves overall health and physical fitness which helps build and maintain strong muscles, bones, and joints.


2) Improve fundamental movement skills

By playing sports, it allows kids to explore and improve their fundamental movement skills such as kicking a soccer ball, throwing a basketball, running a sprint, and even making a long jump. It also allows them to improve their balance skills, locomotor skills (hopping & galloping) and of course their ball skills (catching, overhead throw and striking)


3) Build character and social skills

Playing team sports such as soccer, basketball, and rugby help kids develop social skills such as able to communicate and cooperate with each other, give them a sense of belonging, and of course for them to make new friends outside of school. These are the important skills set they need that can be utilized throughout their lives.


4) Learn meaningful values along the way (Integrity, Persistence, Teamwork & more)

By playing sports, it helps create a platform for the kids to practice and learn meaningful values along the way. Again, teamwork is important in team sports, always look out for one another, respect their teammates and the coach by having consideration for self and others. All in all, it makes playing sports FUN, build strong relationships, and instill LOVE of sports.


5) Develop higher self-esteem and able to channel negative feelings in a positive way

By playing sports, kids may not be aware that they are actually improving their skills, physical strengths, and self-esteem! It naturally makes them feel happy playing sports alongside their friends and it also boosts their confidence as an individual. Playing sports also offer a sense of accomplishment (when they showcase an amazing skill). This positivity will definitely be reflected in their daily lives in school or at home.


SportyCubs offers multi-sports classes for kids ages 4-7 years old. Lead by an experienced sports coach where the session will be filled with fun elements and also encourage self-management. Kids will learn the various sports we offer in which they will improve their basic fundamental skills. Find out more below! :)

IG: @Thelongshotllp

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