Time-Out Programs

Character development for youths

This program aims to increase the youths self-awareness, self-discipline & Self- Management through time-out program. The program will include all sports program for experiential learning.


Our Approach

The youth will go through experience through sports and create teachable moments (Concrete Experience). Coaches will facilitate reflections (What they have learnt from the activity) and guide in applying what they learnt in their daily lives (Application). This approach is adopted by Kolb's learning cycle.

Program Outline

Muay Thai (Seeking Discomfort)

Rock Climbing (Aiming High)

Cup Stacking + Self Awareness

Bubble Ball Soccer (Innovation)

Archery Tag (Communication)

Darts + My Sports Coach (1)

Escape Room (Teamwork)

Bowling + My Sports Coach (2)


A standard package of time-out program is 6-8 sessions

We also customised to our client's needs as well

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