Uprising Multi-Sports Classes for Kids

Sharing is caring - For every kid that sign up, we help to coach another who is underprivileged

SportyCubs was built on the basis to provide education through sports for all toddlers from all walks of life. We believed that nurturing from young with the exposure of different education platform is crucial for the development of any individual. Therefore, we set a mission to help those underprivileged families who can't afford such education, to be given a platform for their child to grow with us. For every child that sign up with us, we will then go that extra mile to coach another for free. Join us to help multi-sports to spread to all toddlers

We believe that character development should start young and kids should be exposed to multi-sports to see what are their potential strengths.








We have partnered up with the TUEETOR platform to provide our multi-sports program conducted by our own experienced coaches for your kids aged 4-7 years old. We are excited to see you and your kids get back to a healthy lifestyle filled with fun activities on the weekends! 

Multi-Sports with SportyCubs

(Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Athletics & Badminton)

For optimal learning and performance to occur, our students (young cubs) must first have an enjoyable and meaningful experience. In this program, SportyCubs will adopt an experiential learning approach comprising by coaching multi-sports movements such as kicking, throwing, striking and running. Through this program, the coach aims to fully Engage the students, Connect with them and eventually Instill positive influence to them. In the process, our young cubs will learn skills as well as Life Skills such as Self-Management & Social Awareness.

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