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5 strategies to help youths mental resilience in the future

Time has changed and the way of life for our youths have changed. Technology is the new way of life, changing the way we live from the industrial age. This pandemic in regards to Covid-19 will shift another big change towards our way of living. Students are adapting to the new online classes conducted live at the comfort of their home. Adults are also adjusting to the new working life, working from home. We will need to adapt and look at the opportunity to come up with new strategies on how we can help our current youths to be more resilient with their emotional intelligence.

The impact on the emotional resilience on our youths will be affected greatly. As education will be widely available online, it will mean that their social-emotional development will also decrease if we do not have proper strategies or engagement activities in play for them. Below are some strategies we can help to improve our youths mental resilience.

Encourage outdoor activities

Outdoor elements and activities will be crucial to their social-emotional development. They will be exposed to life-skill lessons that cannot be accessed in school or with technology. A simple activity such as trekking will teach them resilience in life and teamwork. As we are moving to the technology age, our students will be lacking in regards to these important values that are crucial for their future.

Engage in active listening

Since working remotely will allow parents to have more time at home with their youths, this is a great opportunity to practice active listening. Parents should take this opportunity to tighten their bond with their children and influence them positively by sharing their experience in life and wisdom. Active listening is a two-way communication as parents should also deeply understand what their children are going through. Times have changed, and parents should understand that too.

Encourage a growth mindset

A growth mindset can start by choosing our language carefully when we are having a conversation with our youths. Instead of saying that he/she is straight right up wrong, we could choose to guide them on how to do it the correct way. As parents, we should also not give our youths immediate gratification, this will just encourage them that things can be obtained easily and fast. Thus, if your children would want certain things, try to make them work a little harder for it.

Teach the entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurial can’t be taught in school, but it can be taught at home. We could encourage them to practice on their craft sideline to make a little profit on their own. This will teach them to learn to take control of their situation in life. There’s a lot of benefit in developing the entrepreneurial spirit in an individual.

Teaching the value of gratitude

Lastly, teach our youths the value of gratitude. Gratitude is one of the strongest emotions to lead a positive life. We should teach our youths how grateful we should be of what life has to offer even in the smallest of things. It will improve self-esteem and also mental resilience. When one always feel blessed and appreciate life, he/she will embrace life even if he/she stumbles upon failures.

Our current youths development is crucial as they are our future. This pandemic is a good reminder to us all that good does not last forever, and we need strong resilience to overcome this hurdle. Do our youths have the resilience to overcome their future hurdles?

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