The Road of The Long Shot

Ramdan and Adnan know each other during their poly days at Republic Poly taking the Sports and Leisure Management. As their friendship grows, they both realise they possessed the same vision and values to start a business on their own in the sports industry and to serve the community. After serving the nation, they took a bold move to start a small enterprise called Danza Sports in 2015. Danza Sports was a business to create sports events for the community. 

At the same time, both decided to upgrade themselves taking a part-time degree together with Edinburgh Napier University. Both of them graduated with a bachelors degree in Events & Festive Management. They also work a full-time job simultaneously to support themselves. However, the business was not doing well as expected due to their lack of experience and knowledge. Thus, they decided to cease the company after close to 2 years and come back stronger after collecting many experiences. 

Ramdan continued to work in the management sector while being a trainer and Adnan continue to master his craft in the sports coaching industry. As they carry on upgrading themselves, gaining experience and creating networks, they came back together with much clarity and The Long Shot Training & Development was born. They realised where their strengths lie and whom they want to serve. The Long Shot build their foundation with resilience and growth mindset. Today, The Long Shot aims to aspire to inspire the youths to reach their fullest potential. 

Ramdan Azlan

In his early childhood, Ramdan has always learned to be independent. He is the only child in the family. He grew up observing the struggles of both of his parents trying to make ends meet. He was a daydreamer with a vision to change the world. 

He picked up his education in a neighbourhood environment while his social circles of friends are from the disadvantaged families who always will get into trouble. Naturally, most of his teachers do not have high hopes for him. Some of them even look down on him. However, Ramdan possesses a natural leadership quality since he was young. He was the football captain in his school and at the same the time he took on many other leadership positions in and out of school. Sports was his strength. 

Overcoming emotional issues and being scorned by some, Ramdan learns to stand tall alone and be a great team player with others. He overcame many challenges facing a bike accident when he was five years old, his loving grandmother falling into dementia, his mother facing a terminal illness. He managed to overcome all of his life challenges by his mental model of being resilience and positivity. 

Ramdan attained his bachelor degree in festive & events management with Edinburgh Napier University while working in full-time positions during the day. He continued to learn and upgrade himself in getting certifications in the sports field education and coaching in general. He was allowed to work in the ministry and education industry to prove his worth.

Ramdan was known to him of his true potential when he got chosen to be an officer serving the nation and found his calling after being a trainer to youths. He has the strength to instil positivity and resilience to other individuals to overcome their barriers. Today, Ramdan aims to create positive changes to individuals to overcome their boundaries with his curriculum that he has designed. 

Adnan Mansor

In his early childhood, Adnan has always been a soft-spoken boy in class but when it comes to mixing around with his peers, he could be the loudest among them all. Youngest in the family of 6, Adnan has always looked up to his older siblings and his Father for being the sole breadwinner of the family at the time.


Adnan also picked up his education in a neighborhood environment with friends coming from average size families and he wasn’t exposed to have proper education outside of school. He instead joined a Uniform group, SCOUTS, where he first learned about life skills, valuable values, and leadership along the way. 


Like any other Malay boy who has the love for sports, he jumped into the opportunity to become part of the soccer team. From then on, sports have basically been part of his life up to this date.


As life passed by, he joined Republic Polytechnic and took up Sports Leisure Management Diploma and that’s where he met Ramdan and forge great friendships with others throughout the years.


Adnan faced his major battle in life when he was serving his 1st Month in the National Service (NS) and he was very unfortunate to be in a road traffic accident as a pillion rider with his elder brother on a motorcycle. He was straight admitted to the ICU due to severe injuries from his fractured arms and lacerations of his liver and he almost lost his arms due to overwhelming loss of blood and to prevent further infections. At that point in time, he was devastated to know that he could no longer be a normal person as he needs to live with a metal implant to support his arm for life.


Fortunately, thanks to his mental resilience, Adnan is determined to go through that phase of life and continued on to serve his NS and he becomes a better person than what he thought he could be. Soon after he attained his Bachelor's Degree in Events Management and has been working at various sports clubs and private companies even in primary schools as a relief Physical Educator. 


Undeniably, sports coaching have become Adnan’s main asset from his many years of experience in the industry and that’s where he will put it to good use, to coach our young children and expose them to Multi-sports at an early age to improve their fundamental movements, incorporating sports with lifeskill and also to grow their love for sports! Today, Adnan aims to create positive changes to individuals and increase self-awareness through sports. Sports can unite people together despite having different backgrounds and it allows them to strengthen their social-emotional competencies and social skills through Life Coaching. 

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