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Why go the long shot? 

 Everything should have an end in mind. The longshot gives us the vision to see ourselves in our fullest potential. Our programs revolve in 3 main pillars - TOP (To have awareness, Observe Opportunities, Making the Paradigm shifts) and for us to reach to the top, we adopt sports and life coaching into our program to provide a unique way to our curriculums.  

We offer programs for schools, corporates and pre-schoolers. Talk to us to find out more!

What is Sports Life Coaching? 

 Sports Life Coaching is mixing the elements of fundamental sports movements and life coaching together. TLS programs use sports skills deliberately to be used as a social-emotional development as a teachable moment. An individual will also go through a life coaching session reflecting on objectives of the program targeting to influence deep change in their beliefs and values.

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The Long Shot Workshop

Elements of a positive mindset

The  Underdog Values

Sports & Experiential Activities

Story Telling & Life Coaching

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